Accezzi balance board/wobble board met korting

Accezzi balance board/wobble board 4135 met korting

The balance board strengthens and trains your balance and coordination skills, which is extremely important to avoid straining of muscles and joints.

The balance board strengthens and rehabilitates muscles and ligaments especially in the ankles and in the knees. Training of the ligaments and muscles minimizes the risk of injury.

A balance board is optimal to prevent injuring of knees and ankles.

A balance board is an easy and affordable way to train your sensory-motor, flexibility and balance.
The nerves are stimulated to increase control of the foot and use the excellent properties of the foot.

Diameter: 36 cm
Height: 6 cm

Koop Accezzi Balance Boards / Knee Protection met voordeel

Kleur: Black
Informatie mbt levering: 1 – 5
Verzendkosten: 5.00

Oude prijs: 16.00 Euro
Actieprijs met korting: 13.00 Euro

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