Lenz Space Dryer for shoes/boots met korting

Lenz Space Dryer for shoes/boots 7015 met korting

Using a boot dryer you will never have to worry about cold and soaked ski boots again – Now you can just dry them. Can also be used for drying of other footwear.

dries shoes, textiles, gloves
energy-efficient, short drying time
gentle on the material
overheating protection

Package Content
1 space dryer 2.0
1 dispenser with 2 extension hoses

Heating element: PTC Element with heat exchanger, high air exchange thanks to high air flow, temperature regulation, overtemperature protection

Supply Voltage
240 VAC / 50 Hz

Heating Power
1 x 30 Watt

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Kleur: Black
Informatie mbt levering: 1 – 5
Verzendkosten: 5.00

Oude prijs: 49.00 Euro
Actieprijs met korting: 49.00 Euro

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